What is easier being a plumber or electrician?

In my opinion, being a plumber is easier. There are many reasons why being a plumber is easier than being an electrician. Here are some of the reasons:

1) Plumbers have a lower educational requirement and therefore it is way less expensive to become a plumber because you do not have to go through college or any other type of training that involves spending money on education expenses.

2) You don’t have to be in the top physical form either if you want to become a plumber but if you want to become an electrician, for example, your job involves climbing poles and ladders and at times there can be nooses involved so basically there can be dangerous work conditions which mean electricians need to be in top physical shape.

3) plumbers can get paid more than electricians that is why I find it less difficult to become a plumber than an electrician because there are more job opportunities and higher pay.

4) If you look at the amount of time it takes for each of these professions to get done, usually you can see how much faster a plumber gets their job done compared to an electrician, and therefore it makes sense if they earn more money which leads me back to my point on how it is less difficult for a person who wants to become a plumber because there are many reasons why they get paid more such as taking way less time on average, completing the same tasks but doing them better or vice versa, on average.

Education Difference

The only difference is that plumbers have to go to school for two years whereas an electrician has to go to school for four years. It can cost thousands of dollars more to become an electrician than a plumber because you have to go through university, this is why I find it less difficult being a plumber.

Education Expenses Difference

There are many reasons why the education expenses are lower for becoming a plumber. One reason is that you don’t need college or any other type of training which means that all you need is a high school diploma and voila! You’re basically good to go.   This also saves you all the time and money on traveling back and forth from home, etcetera. Another reason is that plumbers only need two years of school whereas an electrician has to go for four years which also means spending time away from home, studying harder, and working longer hours.

Physical Fitness Difference

There really isn’t any difference but you do not have to be in top physical shape like you would if you wanted to become an electrician. However, I want to take the opportunity to highlight the fact that even though there isn’t any difference, let’s say hypothetically speaking , if there was a huge accident (i.e., falling off a building) it could lead to death or other serious injuries like broken bones which can increase work costs, therefore, increasing your financial risks as opposed to being a plumber where getting hurt on the job doesn’t even come close the type of injuries electricians get themselves into.

Job Availability Difference

Plumbers can find more job opportunities than an electrician. There is a higher demand for plumbers than for electricians. If you ever wanted to look at it from a business perspective, as far as companies go, they would prefer hiring a plumber because if there is any trouble with the water supply or anything that needs fixing all they have to do is give us a call and we’re good to go. However, if there’s any trouble with electricity and what not then they’d have to hire an electrician but unfortunately since there are currently fewer jobs available for an electrician compared to a plumber, this all leads back to the point I made earlier that because there are fewer jobs available for electricians, they can’t demand as much money or sometimes at all which is why it’s so difficult to become an electrician.

Difficulty Between The Two Career Fields

I find becoming a plumber easier than an electrician. I don’t really know if anyone could argue with me on this point but what I’m trying to say is that not only because of the fact that you don’t need any formal education but also because plumbers work in their own field, i.e., water supply whereas electricians have to work outside and inside wherever electricity may be needed. You can see how having one specific area where you’re working makes the job go much faster, therefore, making you able to complete the same tasks in less time than an electrician.


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