How to become a Roofer ?

The profession of roofing is not very common, so there aren’t many schools that offer courses in the subject. However, for those who want to learn to become a roofer , or improve their skills in this area, you can check out these useful tips.

Do your homework before starting your career as a roofer

The first thing you should if you want to know how to become a Roofer ? is to is to check your local building codes, as well as federal and state laws that are related to the installation of roofs. This is because there are laws determining which materials can be used in specific regions, what you can use them for, etc. With this information you will have a better understanding on how and where you can work in this field.

You could also try to get some experience working in the industry by doing part-time or seasonal jobs. If possible, when you are still studying, you should try everything related to roofs, even if it is not an official part of your curriculum. It will definitely help when you are ready to look for a full-time position.

Get trained and certified if you want to become a roofer

If someone wants to become a roofer and go into this line of work, they will need specialized knowledge and experience before they can be called professionals. To acquire the necessary training people usually take courses in vocational schools, community colleges or even online. However, there are some cases in which experience and portfolio is enough to work as a roofer .

How much does a roofer make ?

The average hourly pay of a roofer ranges from $10 up to $20 per hour on average, depending on where you live and the additional skills that you possess. However, this amount can significantly increase if you obtain more training or gain more experience on the field. You could also be paid with portions of the new roofs that you install and for repairs and maintenance tasks. In any case, the more projects you work on at once, the bigger your income will be.

How to become a licensed roofer ?

It is important to take into account that in America there are different licenses for roofers , depending on local requirements. This means that the approach and the needed skills will also vary from one state or city to another. However, many of them require you to pass an exam and show proof of your work experience as a roofer .

If you are looking to become a professional roofer, even if it is only for the summer, keep in mind that there are many things to learn about this job. You will need knowledge of all types of roofs, how to work with different materials and also which local laws apply. If you decide that this line of work is not for you, you can always start to invest in other areas such as photography , where your experience working under difficult conditions will surely come in handy.

Where to start ?

A great way to learn more about the job and see if it is for you, or simply improve on your skills is by starting with some part-time jobs in the area. However, there are also online courses such as this one that can help you get on track. At last but not least, we recommend checking out regional agencies and government buildings to find local opportunities and work experience opportunities .

You could also try to get some experience working in the industry by doing part-time or seasonal jobs. If possible, when you are still studying, you should try everything related to roofs, even if it is not an official part of your curriculum. It will definitely help when you are ready to look for a full-time position.

However, if you do become a professional roofer , make sure to brush up on your skills and learn everything related to roofs, there are plenty of online courses for this. You can also get trained and certified by visiting your state’s regulatory board to find out what the requirements are. Keep in mind that if you want to work on roofs, you will need to know about materials, building codes, different types of roofs etc.

Start your own roofing company

If you decide that this is the job for you, then just be sure to acquire all of the necessary training before starting anything on your own. You could start working for other contractors or even companies while studying in order to gain experience. However, if none of this interests you at all and being a roofer sounds like the perfect occupation for you, it’s time to start doing research about how much does a roofer make , so that when it comes time to work on your own, you know what to expect.

You will also need to make sure that you abide by all local and state laws and only work with the proper permits and insurance . Furthermore, we recommend getting some references from past customers in order to build up a strong customer base.

In short, if you want to become a professional roofer , you will need plenty of motivation and passion for the job.

Roofing Career Outlook

If you are looking for more information on how to become a roofer then it is important to know that this type of job offers great career opportunities . The outlook for this industry is very promising since there has been a steady rise in new homes constructed over the years, as well as a large amount of commercial buildings being built or renovated. Professional roofers can expect a promising future, given that they have sufficient training and experience working in the field.

What does it take to be successful in your Roofing Career?

As with any other profession in any area, there are certain skills and traits that you need to be successful in this line of work. Just like the tools and materials used for roofing, it is important to get your own set of skills and resources so that you can bring a roof together. Here are some traits we recommend:

Customer Service Skills-As a professional roofer , you will often be required to work with other people such as customers, suppliers and other subcontractors involved in the project. As such, if you do not have good customer service skills or don’t enjoy working with others, then this may not be the occupation for you.

Strong Attention to Detail-Another quality that comes in handy for all types of professionals is strong attention to detail . As a roofer , this should not be taken lightly. It is important that you pay attention to small details such as texture, shingles and insulation. However, this doesn’t mean that you should forget about the big picture either. When bringing a roof together it is always best if you can strike a balance between these two parts of the job .

Good Communication Skills-It goes without saying that when working with other people it will be necessary to have strong communication skills in order to get your point across and discuss things clearly while understanding what others are trying to say. This can help out even more so while discussing roofing problems with customers or suppliers alike.

Physical Stamina -Another important quality for any profession nowadays is physical stamina . In most cases, professional roofers work in all types of weather and this can take a toll on their bodies. So it is important that you are up for the challenge before starting out as a roofer .

Getting Licensed

When having decided to become a professional roofer , it is also required to get your license in order to work legally. This will be necessary since many jobs will require you to work at heights or around dangerous equipment, thus making it mandatory for professionals in this line of work. The requirements vary depending on state laws , however, one of the most common ways to acquire your license is by graduating from an accredited training program like Career Step’s online Roofing Professional course which offers an exam voucher (you’ll see how much does a roofer make when they graduate). After finishing the certification course, you can receive your eligibility to take the state exam required for licensing.


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