Journeyman Plumbers Salary

Who is a Journeyman Plumber?

There are many types of plumbers, but only journeyman plumbers salary is the highest . Being an apprentice, for example, is not considered a level under journeyman plumbing work. Many companies will hire apprentices to help out with the workload while affording them a hands-on educational opportunity. Journeymen make a salary range from $35,000 to $60,000 a year depending on the geographic location. Salary information from plumbers in New York City reveals that journeymen can earn up to $63,700 while working for a large company. Their salary range exceeds most technicians and other skilled tradespeople who work in the construction industry. Journeyman pay rates are often negotiated based on the skills and experience of an individual plumber. Working overtime is also common because of increasing demand within this growing field.

Requirements on becoming a Journeyman Plumber

Although many plumbing companies won’t hire people until they’ve had at least some training or education, there is still room for advancement or more lucrative pay once someone has been hired as a journeyman plumber for example. In order to get better jobs with higher salaries, one needs to have a trade license. The more senior members of the plumbing industry typically have their Master Plumbers License which is important to receive because of the different job opportunities that it opens up. This license can be obtained by either taking a test or attending a University through a program approved by the state.

Higher education by itself isn’t enough for many people who want to increase their salary as a Journeyman plumber. In order to go about receiving additional training and certification, one needs to choose an area that they specialize in; such as installation, repair or maintenance. They would then need to take classes specific to those areas depending on what state they’re in. Many plumbers will take classes through one of the many online training programs that are offered. Some employers offer to reimburse their employees for these courses depending on the company policy and the desires of management.

For example, in California, there are specific rules when it comes to Plumbing Courses. To be eligible for a Master Plumber’s License in California, one must take and pass a 16-hour test. After completing the required courses and passing the test, applicants must send in an application to their applicable county clerk for approval; this needs to be completed within 90 days of taking the exam. Applicants also need to submit two forms specifying that they’ve never committed or been convicted of any crimes.

Certifications Required on becoming a Journeyman Plumber

Those who want to continue their education may need more than just courses. Certifications are also available through the National Registry for plumbing technicians, Plumbers, and Steamfitters Apprenticeship Program, as well as others. The most common certification is one that indicates a person has passed an exam to show they have the required skills needed in the field.

Roles/Work of a Journeyman Plumber

Journeyman plumbers are responsible for understanding the installation of systems that distribute water, dispose of wastes and ventilate buildings. This occupation often requires them to read blueprints, attend classes or workshops to learn new skills and work with their hands. Cleaning out the sewer lines is one part of this job description. They also work with gas lines and need to understand the “U” tube system. Plumbing work is sometimes dangerous depending on where they need to go. They often work 10 hour days, have no guaranteed time off other than their lunch break, are required to wear uniforms and are expected to know the Federal Lead Laws.

Journeyman plumbers may have some of the following license designations or certifications:

National Certificate or National Mid-Level Degree as a Plumber, as well as State License as a Journeyman Plumber.

Some states allow for licensing of plumbers to be optional, while others require it whether you have education, training, and/or experience. In certain areas, journeyman plumbers are required to have certification in order to be eligible for licensure.

The term Journeymen plumbers can also reference a rank within the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers’ apprenticeship program, where it is the second-highest level, ranking above apprentice and below “foreman.”

Typically reputable plumbing companies will only hire people that are either licensed or have gone through their apprenticeship programs. Many plumbers use the internet to advertise their services and to find work; they can also be reached through the local “yellow pages” in the paper phone book.

The salary for a Journeyman Plumber varies depending on where they are in their career, however, it’s generally in the range of $25,000 -$40,000 per year. When job hunting, one must remember that they may be competing with those who have a Master’s degree as well as those who are willing to work for less money. Union plumbers will often make between $45,000 and $65,000 per year; depending on which union they belong to and their years of experience in the field.


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