What do roofing salesman make?

how much do roof salesman make?

The roofing industry is known for being one of the highest-paying industries in the country. That’s because roofs are an expensive home improvement project, which requires a lot of intensive labor, precision installation skills, and technical knowledge to get it right. And that means that roofers are an important part of any job site or work crew. They have to get along with everyone else, know what they’re doing, and do everything right.

That is why roofing sales salaries are so well. The average roofing sales salary ranges from $40,000 to $84,000 per year, with an average of about $60,000 according to Salary Expert. However, they make even more than that, depending on what type of roofing project they are working on. For instance, if they sell shingle roofs or flat roofs they can expect to earn just under $65,000 per year. But if they sell tile roofs the average salary jumps up slightly to over $69,000 annually. That’s because tile roofs tend to be more expensive than other types of roofing materials and require longer installation times compared to most roofing projects.

What do roofing salesmen do?

Roofing sales include a variety of tasks. They help customers evaluate their roof replacement needs, write up the order and take measurements for accurate estimates, schedule installation times, meet with architects to discuss forthcoming projects, plan out labor crews to complete installations on time, answer customer questions about building materials or warranty information, and provide initial customer consultations.

Essentially roofing consultants are responsible for all aspects of roof construction. This means that they need excellent interpersonal skills in order to communicate effectively with clients at all levels. This is because selling roofs requires credible knowledge within the construction industry as well as an understanding of client preferences regarding aesthetics like color schemes or shapes. They also need to be skilled at problem-solving since many homes have complicated rooftops and require creative solutions to make them more functional and economical.

So roofing salesmen help design, plan, and layout roofs.

Roofing sales commission:

Because roofing salesmen are paid such high salaries, they also earn a commission when they close deals. Because of this commission, most roofers work on a straight salary and do not earn hourly wages. However, that doesn’t mean that they automatically receive commissions just by closing deals with customers. Roofing salesmen only receive commissions if their contracts actually result in installation projects. This can be complicated because many building owners hire roofers but never order any roofs to be installed on the property. Many times these contractors do so in order to save money or hold out until prices go down before making a final commitment.

Average commission percentages are around 10 to 15 percent, with some earning up to 20 percent commission. However, most roofing salesmen earn between 8 and 13.5 percent in commissions on the price of most roofs they sell.

How long does it take before roofing salesmen get paid?

Roofing companies have a slow time period when paying their contractors. Roofers are not generally paid for their labor until 30 days after the project is complete. Sometimes roofers will receive partial pay during installation projects but larger bonuses are only given once final inspections have been completed. These payment periods usually extend 90 days and sometimes even longer depending on how well certain roofing companies and construction crews work together and communicate effectively. Because of this timeline, roofers usually need some sort of “mad money” on standby in order to pay their bills and expenses.

Where do roofing salesmen work?

Roofers usually work alone as independent contractors which means that they can choose their own clients and projects. This gives them a lot of freedom but also requires them to market themselves and find customers on their own. However, this isn’t always the case since many roofing companies hire an outside salesman who only works for one company.

In most cases, these workers are paid a salary or commission.

How to make 100k in Roofing Sales ?

There are many ways to make money in the construction industry. Some people decide to get a salaried position and progress from there, while others take a more hands-on approach. If you want to be at the top of the sales world, however, roofing sales is one of the best places to get started! Here’s how you can rake in over $100k by being a roofing salesperson.

1) Get Your Sales License

The first thing that you’ll need to do is get your sales license. This will allow you to start making deals with customers and provide a paper trail for all future deals that you put together on the Jobsite. A good broker should be able to provide this information when you sign on with them, but some also require that you have a certain number of years in sales before being allowed to sell roofs.

2) Get to Know the Product

You’ll need to understand how roofing works before you can start selling it. In most cases, this means going on a training course and taking lots of notes! You’ll learn all about underlayment, pitch, shingles, and tops. You might even get your hands dirty by building a small roof yourself. Knowing your product inside out will make it easier for you to convince customers when they ask questions about what they’re buying.

3) Understand Your Market

There are many types of roofs used today, from metal roofs which last for decades without regular maintenance to synthetic thatch roofs which are cheaper but need to be replaced every 5 years or so. Understanding the product you’re selling is great, but it’s also important that you understand who your customers are and what their needs are. This will help you develop a rapport with them and ensure that they’re happy with the roof once it’s installed on their homes.

4) Sell!

Once you’ve made sure that you know your market and your product inside out, it’s time to start closing deals! You’ll want to make sure that you don’t make big promises about the roof before making an appointment, however; instead, simply ask for permission to come by later in order to do some measurements for installation cost estimates. Once at their home, put slides of your product up on the fridge and show them different styles. Be sure to let them know which style they can expect from your company, and tell them how long it will take for installation once you get things started!

5) Get Paid

Like with any sales career, getting paid is probably going to be one of the most important factors in determining whether or not roof sales is a good career choice for you. This means that you need to make sure that everything’s in order before making any deals; make sure that all contracts are signed and stamped (or addendums signed if necessary), and make sure that customers pay their deposits when required. It also helps when closing deals to ask potential customers what type of roofing material they prefer; if it’s something that you don’t handle, feel free to send them to another roofing company without hurting your chances of making a sale!

Skills and education:

To get into roofing sales, you need to know your stuff. Education and training can be very valuable when it comes to finding a job in roofing sales. For instance, completing an accredited roofing program or attending a technical school for roof design is a good way to stand out from the crowd. But the most important thing to have in order to work in this type of industry is experience working with building materials and understanding how they work together as part of the overall structure. This means that getting experience on construction sites or by volunteering or interning at a local company while still studying will give you all the skills and qualifications you need to succeed after graduating.

What kind of hours do roofers work?

Roofers typically work forty-hour work weeks. They are scheduled to work during the day, but they often have night and weekend appointments as well since roofing projects may take several days or even weeks to complete. So roofers need to be flexible in terms of availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage do roofing salesman make ?

It depends on the company, but a typical commission for a roofing salesman is about 10-15%. Some companies may pay a lower commission (5-10%), while others may pay a higher commission (25%). There is also the potential to make bonuses and earn other forms of income such as vacation trips and gift cards.

Overall, it’s typically a pretty good job with high earning potential. Roofing salesman are usually paid based on how much product they sell, so there is an incentive to go out and find new business. And since most people only replace their roof every 10-20 years, there’s a lot of opportunity for repeat business.

How to find roofing salesman ?

There are a few things you can do to find a good roofing salesman. First, ask your friends and family for referrals. They may have had a good experience with a particular roofing salesman in the past. You can also search online for reviews of local roofing companies.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential candidates, interview each of them to see if they are a good fit for your project. Be sure to ask them about their experience in the industry, as well as their pricing and contract terms. It’s also important to get written estimates from each of them so that you can compare costs.


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