Sanitary Services

Jeffery’s sanitary services is a sanitary service company that has been in business for over five years. they offer trash pick-up, catering for events, and construction cleanup.

Our sanitary service is very popular among residents in Bellingham WA. The company was founded by a former employee of a sanitation company who wanted to provide sanitary services at an affordable price.

The following are some of the services that we offer to our customers:

  • Sanitary service for construction sites
  • Trash removal and disposal
  • Catering for events

We also offer wholesale rates on trash pick-up if you are interested in doing business with us

Jeffery’s Sanitary Services, located just outside of Bellingham, Washington, offers all sorts of sanitary services from catering to construction cleanup. They’ve been in business for five years and are well-known by residents in Bellingham, WA.

Their sanitary service in Bellingham, WA is affordable and reliable, just what residents of Bellingham are looking for. People are always looking to do business with sanitary companies that offer good rates and reliable service.

Jeffery’s Sanitary Services is the perfect company to do business with if you’re looking for trash pick-up or catering services. They’ve been serving Bellingham residents for five years and have an established reputation as a fast-growing company that has competitive rates. Residents who are moving out of their homes need to find reputable companies like Jeffery’s Sanitary Services that can take care of all sorts of needs, including trash pick-up, construction cleanup, and catering. You’ll be glad you chose us!

Sanitary service is not as easy as it sounds because of sanitary laws and regulations such as permits, certificates, and health code violations. but with experienced sanitary managers, we are able to do our job effectively while staying within sanitary compliance.

Jeffrey’s Sanitation Services also offers commercial cleaning at low prices. For example, a building that has been vacant for over 3 months may have sanitary and health code violations, such as urine in the restrooms or trash scattered throughout. sanitary managers at Jeffery’s sanitary services can come out to give you an assessment of the condition of your property.

Sanitary managers will give you advice on sanitary violations such as biohazard incidences and the cleaning that needs to be done. sanitary services also provide sanitary containers, sanitary bins, and sanitary dumpsters for your convenience.

Our affordable prices out-compete our competitors so we are expecting more business around the greater new york city area.”

Jeffery’s Sanitation Services has serviced many customers in the past by delivering trash pick-up service at low rates, catering for events, or construction clean-up at affordable prices.

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Our Services

Sanitary Waste Disposal

Our waste disposal services are very important for people that live in an urban environment. They play a big role in keeping our surroundings clean and healthy. We are an organization that provides waste disposal for commercial and residential clients on daily, weekly or monthly basis. We have been doing this for over 40 years now and we have the experience to offer best services in all areas of Miami Dade.

Our company is a recipient of many awards because of our efforts to keep our environment clean. Our mission is to give our clients the best service at affordable prices. We have flexible rates and we can do special deals for regular customers.

When you hire a waste disposal company, you should make sure that they use legal methods to transport their garbage. We do not cut corners when it comes to keeping our environment clean. All of our trucks have special equipment that prevents spilling garbage on the street.

We work in close cooperation with local and county municipalities to make sure that your bins are replaced when they are full. We have a special type of trucks for heavy lifting so there will be no need for customers to help with transferring garbage cans into them.

Do not hesitate to call our company if you need garbage bins or dumpsters for your company. We will deliver them within a few hours and we will pick them up once they are full. Depending on the size of your operation, we can offer solutions that range between 1 to 40 yard containers.

We are open every day in the year except for Thanksgiving and Christmas days. Please check our website for more

Latest FAQ

What is your emergency service process?

If there’s ever an emergency, we’ll have our staff members on standby from the time you call us until service is restored.

I'd like more information about what services you provide, can you give me some?

Of course! We’re happy to send you more information on what service we can provide for your community. Let’s start with the basics, though – we’ll remove garbage from each unit within your community each week at designated times.

What is the cost of using Jeffery's Sanitary Services?

We work with each community individually to determine our rates, but we can assure you that it’ll be very affordable! Once your community has contracted with us for service, one of our friendly staff members will sit down with you and everything will be clearly laid out for you.

Who does Jeffery's Sanitary Services work with?

We work with a number of residential communities, including condominiums and townhomes. Of course, we’re happy to help all residents who live on a property that we service!

What does Jeffery's Sanitary Services do?

Jeffery’s Sanitary Services provides garbage services to residential communities. We take the garbage away, dispose of it, and clean up your property. We’ll also pick up your recycling for you!